Tuesday, July 28, 2009


You may be wondering how this picture relates to our house...

Today we went over to the old house to collect more of our belongings. Turns out we have another 2-3 car loads, due to some larger objects (filing cabinet, hamper, etc.) that we had left. In any event, we dutiful loaded the car and drove back over to our house. By the time we had unloaded, we didn't feel like going back for loads 2 and 3, but ice cream sounded really good. Enter above picture -- it's actually a picture of the Sonic Drive-In at the end of our street about 5 minutes ago.

Sonic Blast beats loading the car every time.

At least we had a good time. Lindsay and I split an M&M Sonic Blast, and we danced to the sweet swing music. Good times were had by all. (Victory is still close at hand. Fear not. We got like ... 2 days left!)

PS Some house news -- I listed and sold the old gas range today on Craigslist, so I consider that a win. I also listed a refrigerator and the aluminum awning we took down. For the super bored:

Fridge, Awning, and Stove.


  1. Crazy ladies late night snacking!

    (this is Zinthia btw) hehe

  2. Zin...that is neither here nor there :P

    You came by during a lull in the progress. We went to a wedding over the weekend, but the next week or so should be "full of action"!