Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day ... uh

So the days have started blurring together a little bit. We've been hard at work on the house. So far the bedrooms are finished -- all plaster repair and painting is accomplished. We had some plumbing issues that are being jointly worked out by a plumber visiting on Monday as well as my father-in-law drilling holes willy-nilly. Cable and internet is setup and installed.

As it turns out, the fridge isn't working as well as hoped. Instead of getting it fixed, we are getting a new (used) fridge from Craigslist. We had planned on replacing the fridge sooner or later with something newer/prettier, so its not a big deal. Plus the new fridge is quite a steal. Either way, at least this one keeps the sodas cold while we're working.

Today we cleaned, painted, and worked on plumbing. I also had to shim the downstairs basement stairs -- not sure if this will be a permanent fix or not. Might need to use something a bit more heavy duty. Friday is the big day -- we hope to move all of the remaining junk over to the new place. Should be a good time.

I will post pictures soon! They are all on the camera which is at the new house.

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