Sunday, July 8, 2012

July Updates - Microwave and more

I have a new blog philosophy. I used to try to make sure to 'include' everything that was going on around the house, which led me to not blog for long stretches of time because I didn't have the energy to try to collect images from all the stuff I've been up to. Therefore, this blog is moving to 'updates about whatever I feel like' format.

I am now an accomplished microwave installer. You may remember the last time I installed a microwave in October 2011. I was pretty proud of the "deal" we got on the microwave ($42 + Cracker Barrel), but, as with most things that are too good to be true, the microwave stopped working after just a few months of operation.

We had been using our 'old molasses' standalone microwave, which works fine but takes up counter space. [edit: My wife tells me that I should indicate this is an inside joke. Whatever.] This weekend, we decided to splurge on a legitimate, brand-new microwave. To be honest, I did not drive the hardest bargain I could have, but we did end up taking home a floor model for less than $150. Unlike the first time I installed the microwave solo (would not recommend), this time Lindsay helped me. It is just one of those jobs where it is nice to have an extra pair of hands. Here is it:

By the way, I had another opportunity to use my awesome corded hammer drill again -- I used Tapcon screws to secure the mounting plate to the wall, since it's an outside/brick wall (no studs). Once again, I was struck with its awesomeness and may have been heard yelling, "Sheer Power!!" throughout the house.

We also decided to get some rugs for our living/dining room this weekend. It is something we have always said we were going to do, but never got around to it. I wish we had done it earlier -- they are really nice to have. Plus the animals love them too!

Finally, here's a picture of some zucchini that Lindsay picked out of the garden the other day. They are massive (and tasty)!