Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 3

My in-laws came down today from Ohio to help us fix up the house and move in. Father-in-law knows about the electrical stuff, so he is helping put new outlets in the bathroom and kitchen. Also switching out some stuff in the basement. I did more work on the ceiling today. I also found a patch of bad plaster in the master bedroom closet. After I started clearing it out, I realized it was much too large a patch to use joint compound. Instead, I removed the plaster from the bricks behind it with a crowbar and installed moisture-resistant drywall. (I used this kind of drywall because it is an outside wall.) Because there was some uneven quality to the wall, I used some sheet insulation to fill in the spots. Finally, I applied Liquid Nails to the back of the drywall, and stuck it in place. I also put some nails in the board to hold it to the wall while the adhesive dries. Hopefully I used enough Liquid Nails -- I think I might have been a bit stingy. Tomorrow I will use joint compound to make it flush to the rest of the wall. No pictures today -- some more soon, I promise :)

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