Wednesday, September 2, 2009


No Joke. I was at Sonic, and this baby squirrel runs past my table while I'm waiting for the food to come out. She runs up to this table of 2 girls and 1 guy, and sits on the guy's foot. He tries to shake it off, but it won't get off, so he takes his sandal off. The squirrel just sits on the sandal, until he grabs sandal out from under it. They all get up and leave (after giving the squirrel a piece of bread), but the squirrel just sits there and looks sad/cold/lonely. I called Lin to come bring a box. She came and did her furry-animal-whisperer thing with it, and we ended up taking it home.

By our best estimations, she's about 6-8 weeks old. We're pretty sure she's a girl. At first, we had her in our kiddie pool with a laundry basket over her when we had to go out. After about 24 hours with her, I went and got a proper cage from Craigslist. We filled it with some branches for her to climb on. We were afraid she wasn't going to make it (she was very cold and hungry), but Lindsay has nursed her back to health. She's perked up a lot in the last 24 hours.

She's also surprisingly domesticated. She will sit in your hand (or on your head) to eat. She likes to climb and explore. Autumn (the dog) and Nibs (the squirrel) seem to get along pretty well. We're not sure what we're going to do with her when she gets older. Squirrels make pretty good pets (or so we've been told), but we might end up releasing her when she's old enough to fend for herself. We shall see. VIDEOS:


  1. Someone told me that squirrels are just rats with furry tails - any truth to that?

    Mr. X

  2. Why do you have a purple kiddie pool?

  3. Will Nibs be attending the wedding?