Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A lull

Sorry for the lack of activity around the house lately. Just thought I'd pop in to fill you in on what's going on, and what's taking up my time:

1) My best friend got married last weekend. I was partying out of town for awhile. No house work - woo!
2) My computer's hard drive died when I was installing Snow Leopard. It's a long story. My data is fine (horray), but I need to reinstall everything. (Transferring Information: 2 hours and 13 minutes remaining...)
3) The toilet tank started leaking.

Projects in various stages of completion:
1) The kitchen floor is about 85% stripped. I plan to finish the stripping and sanding by/on Saturday.
2) The patio has the cracks sealed. I am debating about whether to lay down a top layer of concrete and stain it, or just jackhammer the whole thing and start over (paver stones?)
3) The front lawn is missing some grass. (I started ripping out grass near the house to make way for flower beds today.)
4) The toilet has a tupperware container underneath it. I thought I fixed the problem with my trusty silicone tape, but it turns out it is still leaking (slowly). I need to go get a new gasket.
5) The backyard is mostly cleared. A few stumps to get rid of still. No fence yet. (The big stump on the side of the backyard laughed at my axe. Need to get some stump killer or a stump grinder.)

I'll post pictures when something is done. Check back in a year few days.


  1. Be careful with that stump grinder. Belt and suspenders.

    Mr. X

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