Friday, December 30, 2011


A lot of stuff happens in December. It's my birthday (Dec 11), Thanksmas (Dec 17), Christmas (Dec 25), and an extended trip of some sort (this year -- Cleveland, Dec 22 to 28).

As far as house news goes, I fixed our table. This hinge had been busted for about 8 months. I was never really sure exactly what was wrong with it, so I wasn't sure how to fix it. The method I used was: take off the matching hinge and bang the offending piece into the "right" shape with a large hammer. After I was done, I lubed it up with some "Liquid Wrench" and put it through the paces. Works like a charm!

Also, I got an air compressor (Porter Cable, 6 gallon, 150 PSI) and a pneumatic nailer (Porter Cable, 16ga finish nailer) for my birthday. I decided building a workbench extension from some spare lumber I had laying around would be a good first project.

The cuts:

The finished product:

I was really surprised at both how quiet and how useful the nailer was. I did use some screws, but the nail gun sped up the framing process substantially. I stole the design from the workbench I inherited from the previous homeowner. Basically, you make a box, put the legs in the corners, and secure the legs with blocking.

I put my new workbench to use already on a project that may be featured soon!

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