Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Projects

I have fallen behind on this blog. I blame computer problems (my main computer died and has since been replaced since this blog was updated), but that was really a minor inconvenience rather than a catastrophic blow to my blogability. (As it turns out, it only requires a minor inconvenience to totally incapacitate me. Probably a life lesson in there somewhere...)

Anyway, I wanted to recap what I have finished since this blog was last updated:
* The tile was completely removed from that kitchen wall.
* The outlet on that wall was moved up into the area where the new backsplash will go.
* The missing wall was replaced with drywall and painted.
* We had our bay window replaced. I didn't DIY this one so I wouldn't screw it up :P
* I built a window seat for said new window. Lindsay upholstered it. Skeeter sits on it.
--> This will eventually make it into the blog. Lots of fun pictures and "over-engineering-it" commentary to follow.
* I installed a new programmable thermostat.
--> Discovered that this is the house's 5th thermostat!
* I got a miter saw AND a table saw for my birthday.
--> First project: a work table for my new tools.

Coming up?
* Finish the kitchen
--> More tile removal, more cabinet hanging
* Rewire the basement
--> Subpanel and more electrical fun
* Floors
--> Refinish everything (including the kitchen, again =/)!
* Bathroom
--> Gut? We'll see what the budget allows.

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